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ft. per gal., while standard primer/surfacers cover four times that amount. Rather than skim coating the walls, a faster and less expensive solution is to use a drywall primer/surfacer. Ppgpaints.com Product Details. ft. vs. 13¢ per sq. This low VOC, low odor paint enables a space to be painted while occupied, delivering the durable product performance required. Contractor may propose a change by submitting a request for change to Architect, describing the proposed change and its full effect on the Work, with a statement describing the reason for the change, and the effect on the Contract Sum and Contract Time with full documentation and a statement describing the effect on Work by separate or other contractors. This is a Level 4 finish as specified by the National Gypsum Association. Most new drywall has three coats of joint compound on corners and seams, but much of the drywall’s paper face is left uncoated. Call 800-282-8556 Patch Walls, Apply 1 coat of Surfacer (PPG Speedhide Maxbuild surfacer/etc), Prime with something like Bullseye 123 (To get a White surface to start with), 1-2 coats of finish. Known as joint telegraphing, it’s a problem I’ve seen a lot in the 20 years I’ve been a painter. dia. A premium, 100% acrylic primer/sealer that provides excellent adhesion, high hiding and good sealing properties. Everything you need to know to get the perfect finish, from choosing the right paint to applying the final coat. Use spaces to separate tags. SPEEDHIDE MaxBuild Interior Surfacer - PPG Paints. pails require six minutes of machine shaking, and we have a dozen or more on an average-size job, so having the paint store do the mixing saves us time. Longer extensions are available, but we find them too heavy and bulky. PPG Ultra-Hide Zero 1 gal. Use single quotes (') for phrases. When applied over Level 4 drywall, these high-build products provide a Level 5 finish, which I prefer under dark or glossy paint and in harsh lighting conditions. Usually Done after 5pm, and over a weekend to give the smell time to dissipate. We have the color matching tools to help you find the perfect colors for your next project. Paint a Room Series: Masking for Interior Paint, How to Keep Things Clean When Caulking Trim, How To Spray Walls, Trim, Cabinets, and More, Expert insights on techniques and principles. dia.). Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Usually Done after 5pm, and over a weekend to give the smell time to dissipate. Recommended for high … Electrical and low-voltage cables emerging from the wall are also covered with plastic and wrapped with tape. Using a 10-in. You can simply remove the item from your cart.-->Call for Price, © 2016 Richmond Supply, Inc. All Rights Reserved. These solids create a uniform surface that reflects light evenly. Patch Walls, Apply 1 coat of Surfacer (PPG Speedhide Maxbuild surfacer/etc), Prime with something like Bullseye 123 (To get a White surface to start with), 1-2 coats of finish. dia.). This means that when the wall is painted, the seams look darker and have a slightly glossier finish. ft.), these less-viscous primer/surfacers can be sprayed with less-powerful sprayers because they require a smaller tip (0.015 in. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers. Even though the walls and ceilings look and feel smooth to the touch, the drywall’s paper surface and joint compound have different porosities. © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. We start by wiping down the drywall with a commercial dust mop and then vacuuming the floor. Buy online or find out more at Richmond Industrial Supply. nap roller, but rollers only make sense for small jobs because spraying is much faster. How about using Zinsser Gardz to prime a level 4 finish? Dulux Lifemaster Primer. These products won’t produce a Level 5 finish, but they do a good job when applied over Level 4 finished drywall, and they can prevent joint telegraphing in many cases. For less-demanding applications, such as under flat or nearly flat paint and on surfaces that won’t get raking light, I use standard products that apply in a coat of about 4 or 5 mils. The condition is worse when there’s raking light and when walls are painted with dark or glossy paints. My favorites in this class include PPG Speedhide Interior Max Prime and Sherwin-Williams Builders Solution Interior Primer/Surfacer. However, by using a modern drywall primer/surfacer, a crew of three or four painters can prep and spray the walls and ceilings of an entire average-size house to a Level 5 finish in one day for less cost. Since drywall primer/surfacers are latex based, cleanup is easy. to 3⁄4-in. Rsci.com Speedhide MaxBuild High Build Drywall Surfacer by PPG Industries - SPEEDHIDE RESURFACER, VPN: 6-1/05 for only $80.64. Speedhide MaxBuild High Build Drywall Surfacer is available for purchase in increments of 1,

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