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Government had been based on the Articles of Confederation, which had virtually no executive branch—that is, no single leader, such as the president. The Electoral College is an important process that was implemented into the Constitution to provide a compromise between Congress and citizens when voting for our nation's leader. Electoral College DBQ: Essay and Documents A-C This site was opened in a new browser window. Smart Home. The electoral system should not be replaced because it gives power to the younger states who otherwise would be ignored. It turns presidential elections into massive efforts to win the votes of a small number of voters in a few key states, rather than the support of the American people as a whole. Not exactly, the president is chosen by the electoral college, whose members are chosen by the people. The Electoral College was put in place because the government did not trust the people to make a direct decision for our country. A candidate may win a majority of the Electoral College while winning only a plurality of the popular vote (e.g., in 1992 and 1996) or while failing to win even a plurality (as in 2000 and 2016). Q. The background essay titled “Should the Electoral College Be Abolished” provides a context for this DBQ. By: Emilee Delap Doc. There are three main ideas that help support why the electoral college should not be abolished. It gives third-party and independent candidates a fair chance. What effect does the Electoral College seem to have on the chances of a third-party or independent candidate? Seems fair, well its not. Every 4 years, our country makes an incredibly important decision. Close; Heating. The President is chosen by the people. Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? The electoral college is a system that has been used since 1787 and is an indirect method used to select the president of the United states. The Electoral College is supposed to make the system of voting fair and representative of all the people in the nation, but it fails to do that job. Right? Garrett Elm-Picard Mr.Parriot 4-19-15 Mini-Q Essay Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? The Electoral College makes it possible to elect a president who has lost the popular election. answer choices . F- It is Unfair Doc. When the Constitution was created, the purpose of the Electoral College was to ensure a democracy while also guaranteeing a qualified, well-rounded president. The Background essay also includes a timeline and 6 bold faced vocabulary words intended to grounding the questions in place on the background essay. What is a Smart Home? There are 538 electoral college votes and a candidate only requires a maximum of 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Today, some people are wondering if the electoral college should be abolished, letting the popular vote make the decision. Menu. Gas Furnace Rental; Residential Boilers; Retire Your Old Furnace and Air-Conditioner 1 The Electoral College doesn't treat all Americans equally. Heating Solutions. It ensures a victory for third-party and independent candidates. It makes it difficult for third-party and independent candidates to win. Several years after the United States was founded, the Constitutional Convention met to decide how the new nation would govern itself. Read The Electoral College Should Be Abolished free essay and over 89,000 other research documents. D - It is Unfair In document F it says that if there is a tie in the Electoral college it is up to the House of Representatives to decide who is president. Electoral College Mini-Q 0 Background Essay Should the Electoral College Be Abolished? The Electoral College Should Be Abolished.

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