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UP ACM. 1. English Translation. This Bulaceño composer first heard about ASOP through a fellow member of the Songwriters Philippines. Combined, it translates to ‘thank you sir / ma'am'. Just sharing good vibes :) VIA MBBDFI. SHOPEE BAYANIHAN. thanks noun: salamat, pasasalamat, salamat sa, pagpapasalamat, maraming salamat: Find more words! PHLPost launched Salamat po (thank you) frontliners letter writing via online Wazzup Pilipinas! Salamat is the word for "Thank You" in many Filipino languages, including Tagalog, Cebuano, Bikol and Hiligaynon.It most likely comes from the triliteral Semitic root S-L-M, due to Arab influence.. Salamat means ‘thank you’ while po is added as a sign of respect. Etymology. (Photo courtesy of Salamat Po Nationwide Letter Writing Advocacy Program Facebook) PASIG CITY, April 17 (PIA) – Showing their appreciation to our brave men and women frontliners amid the threat of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), children expressed their appreciation through the ‘Salamat Po’ online letter writing advocacy program launched by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPOST). (This is different and unrelated to modern word apó, which is accented differently and refers to a grandchild.) Salamat po sa inyo! More meanings for salamat po. 1. 1. Answer Save Calling all students in Elementary and Junior & Senior High! What does salamat po mean in Filipino? In the Arabic form, the word is in the feminine plural salāmat سلامت from the singular salāmah.Salamat in Arabic is equivalent to peace and blessings (a greeting or plural greeting). 5.0 out of 5 stars Lolo Reads "Salamat Po" to his apo Published on October 18, 2018 by Lola Mameng Bought the book to for my 3-year old granddaughter and to teach her customs and language of her Filipino family. “Salamat Po Ama” (Thank You Father) hooks you from the get go with curious lyrics that seem disconnected with the light and happy melody. Just be with God, and everything is possible. Submission of entries for the "Salamat Po! The unveiling also coincided with the launching of the “Salamat Po Teacher” letter writing for young people to effectively promote the value of gratitude to teachers and the important role they play in the lives of the students and society. thank you. But it all comes together neatly at the end. 1 decade ago How do you say " salamat" in Waray, Bicolano, Pangasenense, Ilocano and other dialect here in the Philippines? It is said that po is a shortened form of Apò, which was a term of respect in the very olden days.It was like saying “My Lord” to royalty.

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