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Oxalis, or shamrock plant, is an easy-to-grow houseplant valued for its delicate, clover-shaped leaves. The trick is just to keep the seeds a bit moist and warm. There are a few ways in which you can go about propagating your Oxalis, This is typically conquered through separation. Water lightly during active growth about once per week when the top half of the soil feels dry. Although shamrock plants are usually bright green, oxalis is also available in shades of maroon and deep purple. Water the plant every 2-3 days. It tends to grow at a medium rate. Swabbing the infestation with 70% isopropyl alcohol diluted in water is proven effective when done regularly until the pests have disappeared. Water the plants thoroughly letting the excess water drain through the bottom of the pot. Oxalis ‘Iron Cross’ is just another member of the oxalis family. Oxalis is native to So Caring for Your Oxalis Triangularis. If your Oxalis are outside and you get very little rainfall in your area, you may have to water them every day. The seeds should be sown using fresh seed; these are normally produced at the end of summer. Sometimes infestations can grow out of hand rendering the plant wilted and dry. How to Grow Oxalis. To grow oxalis in outdoor beds, first, you need to find a location where the soil drains well as the oxalis bulbs cannot survive in soggy soil or standing water. However, it’s important not to overwater the plants or leave them in standing water. Gently spread the seeds in the pot, and place on a warm place were it does not get direct sun. Growing Oxalis Houseplant. Water the soil well, ensuring it drains well. Be sure to keep excess water out of any tray underneath pot. A tall, lanky plant is either getting too much heat or not enough light. Water less in winter allowing the soil to dry a little. Regularly water your Oxalis plant so that the first 2 inches (5.1 cm) of surface soil is moist. Depending on the variety, the blooms may be white, purple, yellow, pink or red. It should grow fine in a good potting mix and one good full watering, after planting the bulbs give it one full watering until the water drains through the pot, then leave it for a week or two in medium sun, if it’s not sprouting its probably not the soil that is the issue. Keep moist, during the spring and summer repeating twice a week all summer long. Soil should remain lightly moist during times of growth. HOW TO GROW OXALIS TRIANGULARIS FROM CORMS. Oxalis seeds can be bought trough the net, and are not difficult to germinate, that is if they are not to old. False Shamrock, Wood Sorrel, and other Oxalis members can be grown from either roots or seeds.. I usually put them in with either the very tip sticking out of the dirt or just underneath the dirt (either way has worked for me). If you don’t obtain an actual plant, you can simply order corms and pot them up to grow your own plants. You will find it is simple to grow and maintain your Oxalis if you use the right proportions of sunlight and water. How to Grow. Fertilize your Oxalis lightly with a diluted liquid fertilizer once … It is very simple to propagate an Oxalis: simply dig up a few of the roots (they look like little pine cones), and replant them upright in a new pot. To grow your Oxalis indoors, place up to 5 bulbs in an 8-10 inch pot to create a houseplant. The typical height for an Oxalis Triangularis plant can range between two and 12 inches tall. You can expect to see blooms within 10 weeks. If growing from roots then bury the tubers about 4 to 5 cm (~2 inches) deep in the autumn. Water lightly, ½ to 1 cup will usually do the trick until top growth emerges. Growth. It is very simple, convenient, and easy to do! Fertilizer: Oxalis are not heavy feeders. Water the pot well before sowing the oxalis seeds, let all access water drain out. I actually purchased my own plant in the annuals section of a nursery, so I started out with a plant in a 4 inch pot: The act of propagating an Oxalis plant is one of the easiest steps for the Purple Shamrock.

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